It’s getting closer to that time. Halloween is coming, and that means, of course, costumes.

At least for the kids, anyway. I don’t think I am going to dress up this year. Though I have just as much fun when the kids dress up, I don’t need a costume.

Though I do have that purple and black wig…

If I can find it, lol.

The kids think they know, my daughter, who’s 10, wants to be either a Monster High character, and my son, who’s 4, wants to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

And that of course meant a trip to the costume shop. Which meant a trip to three different stores to try and find the kids’ costumes.

Store one, we were able to find my daughter something–unfortunately, nothing in the Monster High collection fit her, so she had to go adult, but found a pretty Athena costume, and since Athena was her favorite character in the book series she has called Goddess Girls — Athena The Brain is book 1– by Joan Holub, she was happy with that.

My boy, however was harder. Evidently everyone was sold out of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costumes, so we had to make one.

Which is always fun… Not really.

I had to fake it.

So we went with a t-shirt that says “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and a pair of green pants, and I made a shell for him out of cardboard. We found at Target a play set from TMNT that had a mask, a sword, and a couple of throwing stars, so we bought that too. Between that and the shell I made, he’s pretty excited.

Pictures on Facebook to come later, I’m sure.

But it should be fun, the boy, who had a head cold all week since said shopping trip, is finally feeling better, and CANNOT WAIT to go.

I am going to try and convince my daughter to let me curl her hair, goddess style, but she doesn’t want to. I may pull the Mommy card and make her, but I’m not sure yet. Depends on her mood when she gets home from school.

I am thinking something like this, if I can get her to let me. Her hair’s not that long, but the beauty of a hairdresser mommy, is I can do that, even with short hair.

Though I’d better go check the hairspray stock, just in case. And the hairpins.

We’ll be trick or treating, visiting family and all of that, pretty much as soon as we can get around here, and hopefully, it will go really well.

I need to come up also with a quick, easy dinner that everyone will eat too, so no one is STARVING while trick or treating. 🙂

What are your Halloween plans?

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