A couple of tips for keeping it together

Today, there’s a potential snowstorm coming through my area. We are on the edge. We could get several inches of snow, or we could get a trace. I like the snow, because it quiets the world.

And today, I want the world quiet. I’ve had quite enough of the world screaming at me right now.

During the holidays, everyone is concerned and stressed and generally trying to do the best they can. They have expectations and demands.

It can be horribly taxing on a person. We want the holidays to be perfect. Get all the gifts.

We can’t. That’s just the way it is sometimes.

Sometimes, we have to take a breath, and not scream. Or maybe scream, whatever it takes.

So here’s a couple of tips to get through the holidays.

  • Take a breather. Something small for yourself. A new book. A favorite movie. (And no, it doesn’t have to be holiday stuff. If you love action-adventure, watch the hell out of that when you’re stressed.)
  • Grab coffee with friends, even if it’s just a short meeting. And not to give gifts or celebrate. Just to reconnect and be happy to talk to them.
  • Get off social media. The controversies there never seem to stop, and they can only fuel the fire.
  • And remember, your kids love you. Not things. Hang out with them. Play a game with them. Even video games. (And if you’re not good at video games, they’ll love playing with you anyway. I’m not, but I still play sometimes with my son.)

I hope you have a wonderful holiday. 

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