It is called “Submission-itus.”

I hit the “submit” button CONSTANTLY.

It feels like I’m constantly sending out pitches and submissions, and waiting on those dreaded rejection letters ALL THE TIME.

Right now, I have, currently, four out that I’m waiting to hear back from. And I’ve been sending them out in little doses like this since January. Although I’m at this strange place–where it’s almost like I think, well, what’s it going to hurt to try there too?

I feel like I’ve submitted to everyone right now. New and old, established agencies. Even the dreaded “we only respond if we’re interested” agencies–which I completely hate, by the way.

How frigging hard is it to make up a form letter, copy and paste, and hit “send?” But that’s just me. I mean, do I like form letters? Not even a little bit. But at least I know they got it, and rejected it.

Sure, I’d much rather have a well-worded explanation of why they were rejecting me, but at least with a form letter, I won’t wonder if my book went into the spam folder–which a lot of my submissions as of late have been going.

Anyway, that’s my little rant for the moment.

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