I have given up, and decided to keep an Idea Journal.

I blame my muses. They are forever dropping awesome story ideas. Right now, I’m in the middle of my Charming Nobles series for Lyrical Press, and while I’m super excited about this particular series, my muses seem to think this is open season for ideas.

So we have a couple of scifi ones, a paranormal comedy series, and a couple more contemporary books all looming in the back of my mind, ready to be spewed out as soon as I’ll let myself.

And there in lies my problem. I want to work on everything at once, and I know I can’t because I can’t get to all of it at once. So I try to do research here and there on different ones, store it away in my brain, and work on the writing on the current project. Sometimes I’ll write out a brief (2 pgs or less) synopsis of an idea, just to see what’s there–and I make myself most of the time do it in this Idea Journal, so I have them written down in a singular place, and I can go back, add notes or whatever pops in my head when I’m vacuuming or folding laundry.

There’s also my One Note files on my laptop called “New Story ideas” when I cannot get away from an idea, and have to plot it out a little.

So ideas are there, lots and lots of them. It’s finding the time to bring them all to life that I have trouble with.

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