But really, I had a pretty good day. I feel quite accomplished. Far more than I thought I would get done today.

On Mondays, I always have the usual errands–bank, a little grocery shopping, wash the car, get gas for car, all those boring, mundane things.

When I got home, after doing the least amount of housework I could get by with, and not have hubby irritated with me, I started poking around on the internet.

And why is this accomplishing anything? Well, it wasn’t, not at first. Until I started checking into some promotional things I could do.

And you know that old phrase “ask, and ye shall receive,” ?  Well, I asked. And boy did I receive. I have set up several future guest blog spots, as well as getting swag to make goodie bags for future appearances.

I’m so excited, I could dance around. Heck, I did for a minute when I started getting all the replies today.

So, today, I’m extremely thankful for the things I’ve received, and the blessings I’ve been given.

Yeah. Today was a good day.

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