question-mark2 It may be a divine thing, for certain if I actually make NANO this year. 

I’m working on it, I swear.

It’s been a rough month with a lot of things going on in the background, and once again, I am learning that I cannot manage things as well as I assume I can. 

Or maybe I just think I can do more than the average person, because I assume I have an extra 5-10 hours week? I don’t know, but I know I tend to always overbook myself. 

Between balancing writing along with doing cover art for people, I find myself scattered and running out of control. 

Just today, I found I had the washing machine open, half a load in the washer, done, the other half had been thrown in the dryer, nothing turned on or finished, because I got distracted with a thought about what kind of jeans my daughter likes and ran off to tell my mother so she’d know what kind to get her for Christmas. 

To say I’m scattered is an understatement. 

But I’m hoping to get my self better organized next year. I’m working on a  lot of things to get myself in a stronger position over the next year, better with office work organization, business stuff, marketing, all those things I need to get in a better place. Not to mention, in a place where I can write and produce in a less attention-competing space, so maybe I can focus better on what I want to get done.

I have several books that I want to finish and release in the next couple of years, and I need to get myself in a successful place to release them.

So I’m trying different organizational tools. Currently, I’m using a Bloom Daily planner page that I can list 3 prioritizing items that need to be done, along with other “side items.” It has space to record my eating, excercise, water intake, and a daily blessing, which is nice. 

For the daily stuff. 

For planning a large-scale, over the year stuff? I got turned on to laminated year calendars, and I like the Blue Sky ones the best because they’re usually the prettiest, and I have them on the back of my office door to mark up as needed. I have one for 2016 and a new one for 2017.

I am thinking, however about a planner for next year, that might be more adaptive for all my needs. Some of those “Mom Journal” things might work. I confess I stick to paper, because I don’t always have wifi access to work on planners, etc. 

What kinds of planners/schedulers do you use?

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