It is time.

That time of year every spring that makes me absolutely nuts. And my husband as well.

It’s tornado season.

And today, we’re kicking it off with Armageddon. Or so the weathermen are claiming.

We’re evidently in the middle of a vortex of cold fronts and warm fronts and low pressure and all the things that make the swirling tornadoes spark and come alive later today.

Me? I’m finding myself in a strange place. Not exactly sure what I should be doing.

In the past, I would be backing up computer files (which I will do anyway, because that’s never a bad thing), storing them on my portable hard drive, and packing a suit case with a change of clothing for everyone in the house and all our charging devices, because we would be at my parent’s house, and we’d need to be able to charge our technology. And of course, getting important files and phone numbers, like the insurance companies, and making sure I have them with me, just in case we lost our house to a tornado.

Some I will do, others, maybe not so much. I will make sure the safest places in the house are ready for us to scramble into them (we don’t have a basement in our new house, but we have two “safe zones” in case of a storm. Not to mention, a church right across the street with a basement that we can run to if we have to.

And other than that, I wait.

I have the news on the 24 hour radar, so I can listen.

HOWEVER, there is a bright side:

Via Jim Schmidt on Facebook 

This bad boy over here is the Tornado Intercept Vehicle, a tornado chasing Batman-esque monster of a machine that’s been seen in town today because of the weather warnings.

And if all goes like previous experiences, if the TIV is here, then the storms won’t be. The only thing to confirm this would be to find out that the Weather Channel has shown up too. If they come, then I know we’ll miss all the bad weather.

It’s the funniest thing–when the news and chasers show up, the storms miss us completely and wind up flaring up two hours away. It happens almost every time, it’s weird.

I have to think of strange stuff like this, because if I let myself worry too much, I’ll find myself freaking out and in panic mode. I’m already comprehending getting the kids out of school early because of this–my son’s school starts late, and lets out right in the middle of when this stuff is supposed to be kicking up. My daughter should be getting home before it gets too bad. I think.

So I’m hoping the worst of it will miss us.

Will I get my son out of school early? Likely. My daughter? Maybe. We shall see. My husband? Maybe.

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