At my house, we’re preparing for Christmas. Santa Claus is on his way, and the kids are tucked into their beds, ready to wake to the awesome gifts from Santa.

Me and hubby are staying up late so we will actually get some sleep tonight, because Christmas morning is one of the few mornings that the two of us actually get up before the kids. (I know, crazy right?)

One would think the kids would be up super early, but nope, not our kids. They do really well, staying in bed until me and my husband get up.

Of course, we get up at 6:30, and pretty soon, the kids come stumbling out, rubbing their eyes, and are excited to see–when they wake up.

I even set my coffee pot so all I have to do is flip the switch in the morning. My pot is not one of those fancy one that’s always ready to go, or has a timer that comes on automatically. (I would love one of those fancy Keurig  pots, but I’m content with the basic one I have right now–$17 on sale, thank you very much.)

If this year proves to be the same as years past, I’ll wake up every couple of hours, wondering if it’s time to get up yet. Not that I’m waiting to get some exciting present–I’m not. I’m more excited to see my kid’s faces–and my husband’s for that matter–when they open their presents.

What about you? What are your holiday plans? Will you be woken by kids, or will you wake early yourself?

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