Because Mondays are always drags for people, I’ve decided I’m going to start posting every Monday about something good about Mondays.

Today, my first thought is that YEAH THE HOUSE IS EMPTY.

I don’t get a whole lot of time alone in my house. If you weren’t aware, I don’t have an office to pen my masterpieces in (stop laughing… I know, it’s hard, I can’t either), so I use the kitchen table. And usually everyone is around, watching SpongeBob or some other incredibly annoying show. Then we have the family commentary about said show, or my daughter occasionally bursting out into random song.

So to have a quiet, peaceful house, if even for an hour or two, is a rarity.

Which is why today, I’m pleased to say, I have a quiet house.

It will only last until about noon, but I will have it, for a very brief period of time. It is probably my best writing time, if I can keep myself off Facebook, anyway. 🙂 I have a handful of errands to run after I get littlest man from pre-kindergarten, but until then, I will have peace and quiet. 🙂

What I will do when the kids get out for the summer, I’m not sure. Maybe barricade myself in the bedroom.

So today, even though it’s Monday, I’m thankful for A QUIET HOUSE.

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