This is my motivation. Rather, one of them. The one that understands that Mommy has to work on occasion–she doesn’t always like it, but she is old enough to understand it.

Yesterday, I read a great post about creating a 5 year plan for your writing career, it was very inspirational.

In five years, I will be 43 years old. The little girl in that picture? She’ll be fifteen. I will have, from there, approximately three more years to figure out what I’m going to do about her college, getting her set up with her future, hopefully in a good way.

So I’m thinking a plan would be good here.

My goal, I think, and I’m sure like any 5 year plan, will be ever-evolving, but I hope that in five years I will  be able to retire from doing hair completely, and support my family with my writing (they’ve been incredibly supportive to me, and I want to be able to give back to them).

I also want to be working for some major publishing houses, and have an agent to ferry my incredibly awesome stories (because you know they all are incredibly awesome, lol) to house after house, and have publishers drooling over the prospect of having me on their roster.

Seriously, though, I do want to continue to write across the board, whether it be contemporary, futuristic, paranormal, historical, whatever, I want to do it all, I don’t want to be trapped in one particular genre. (I’ve never done anything the normal way, you know? LOL, I’m going to do it my way.)

And in 5 years, I want to be into this writing thing enough that I can get multiple projects done a year in a snap, with no worries. (That I’m working on, but haven’t quite gotten there yet).

My major motivation for all these goals, though, is that little girl. My daughter, who supports me with everything, I want to be sure that I can support her too. And my ever so awesome husband who’s supported me for all this time. (Read: I love you BOB!).

When I get down, upset or depressed about something, I have to remember there are people who depend on me. Who need me to get to college. And I’d better get my stuff together so I can get them there. That’t my motivation.

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