It is time I confess the truth to you all.

I’ve held this secret in for a while now.

Okay, no not really…

But I haven’t really talked about this at all with the release of Out of the Tower. My friends, who know all about this road, of course, know this, they couldn’t help it, some have been with me since the beginning of time with this story. And I say story, not book–because this is vastly different than the book it started from.

I’ve always loved fairy tales, and writing my own take on them is a natural progression of my love of writing.

Doesn’t always mean said stories work out like you expect.

The fact of the matter is, Out of the Tower was originally published as Rescuing Rapunzel, by Lyrical Press, for about a year, before theymarlin-and-dory-finding-nemo-1003067_500_375 were bought by Kensington Books.


I’m so glad I got that off my chest… (And for best results, read that as Dory from Finding Nemo)

Anyway, I wanted to talk about this, because this kind of thing happens in publishing all the time–author writes a book, it gets picked up by a publisher, and winds up getting returned to the author. Then author finds an agent who shops it around, and they cannot find a publisher that’s into it enough to pick it up. So Agent recommends revisions.

Revisions are done over and over again, until the book is so polished, it barely represents what it started out as. (Not to mention, is over 25K longer than it was to begin with).

Small factoid — The original, submitted document, to Lyrical Press was only about 35K. After extensive editing, it was released at a word count just under 70K. After the multiple edits/revisions/additions and changes made after the rights were returned from Lyrical Press, the current version, now called Out of the Tower, is almost 100K.

Fast forward to now.

Here I was, with a book that I didn’t know what I was going to do with it–I’d submitted it to more publishers than my agent did, but because it had been previosuly published, no one was interested.

And I still loved this book.

I didn’t like that it was sitting on my hard drive, collecting dust. I wanted it to be out there. I was certain it would find it’s market, if I got it out there. I love fairy tales. I love Disney. I love Happily Ever After.

And I knew I wasn’t alone. I could make this story sing, and I knew others would love it too. 

Candice Gilmer, holding her first print proof of Out of the Tower

Candice Gilmer, holding her first print proof of Out of the Tower

It started because my daughter–who was 8 at the time–and I had been reading the original Grimm’s Fairy Tales, and after we’d read Rapunzel, my daughter informed me that I could write a much better story. We thought it was rather silly that the boy had brambles in his eyes, and was blinded, and then her tears in the desert saved him so many years later. So we each wrote our own versions, and I liked mine so much that I expanded it into the original draft.

To give you reference–this same daughter is now in high school. So this book has been with me for a very long time.

There were a lot of other things that went along with the road to Out of the Tower, circumstances not worth mentioning, and issues that made it a difficult path, but it’s finally here.

It’s available and it’s real. I literally cried when I held the printed proof in my hand, because this has been such a long, hard road.

So if you read the original, way back in 2012 (there’s not many of you, because it didn’t sell a lot–and that’s a whole other story right there, and it had nothing to do with product, but marketing), you’ll recognize certain elements and character names, but there’s a lot that has been cut, changed, and added to make the story much stronger and far more cohesive.

And sequels are planned as well… Book two. Slipping Away, is actually already written, just being tweaked and edited to make it as awesome as Out of the Tower. The third book, Ending the Curse, will be out sometime in later 2017

I hope you love these books as much as I do. They are fairy tales, but they’re not for children.

More info is here

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