Yep, those are mine. And I made the gloves, too

I’ve mentioned that we have gotten a new house. We’re finally getting settled in, and you wanna know why I know we’re finally settling in?

I’m polishing my nails again.

Let me go back and explain why this is important.

Hi. My name is Candice Gilmer, and I’m a chronic nail biter. I have bitten my nails for as long as I can remember. I would bite them down to the “quick,” occasionally making them bleed, but always, always, always, they were bitten down to at the very least, nubs.

And when I would get my nails done they would grow out so much between the two week fill time, that in most cases, they’d be gone by the 14th day, because my nails grew so darn fast and the acrylic overlays would pop off.

Then I’d have a free edge, and usually would wind up biting it off within 2-3 days of removing the fake nails.

This has been the cycle of me and finger nails.

Until everything changed last summer.

Around my birthday, I decided I wanted my nails to be pretty. I’d found this little french manicure kit from Sally’s Beauty Supply and felt a little more pretty on my birthday.

Mission accomplished. In the ten days or so, when the little tips started to come off, I noticed something. I had a bit of a free edge that had grown out.

Huh. Go figure. Well, my nails always did grow fast. So, I decided, what the heck, I’ll dig out an old bottle of polish, and paint them. Just to see.

And what do you know? My nails looked PRETTY.


Hence the start of my nail obsession.

For the last eight months or so, I’ve kept my nails polished and trimmed religiously. At least twice a week, I would remove old polish that had started to chip, or generally not look good, and re-polish with something else. I also find myself gazing with wonder at the nail polish displays in any store I’m in, wondering “Do I need that one?  Oh look, these are on Clearance! What’s in there that I can’t live without?”

At least, this had been my pattern, until we moved.

I took all my polish off before we moved and basically ignored my nails for over a month while I packed, unpack, organized (hahahahahaha…. okay we’ll call it that), and generally got settled in my new place.

And, as any woman would know, my fingernails were destroyed in the process. I even caught myself biting them again, without the polish in place to remind me to keep my teeth off them. I’d been (and still am to a degree) so obsessed with getting adjusted to this new place, I didn’t have time for any pampering for myself.

So one day, about two weeks ago, I made myself find my box with all my nail stuff in it, and dig out everything to properly give myself a manicure. It felt strange, because I hadn’t done it in weeks, and my nails were pitifully short again. Not to mention chipped, tore, and generally awful looking.

I reminded myself that they were going to be just fine, they’d just need a couple weeks to grow.

And finally, they’re back.

So now, I am really starting to feel settled in to my new home. The world is going back to a normal balance, at least, normal for me, anyway.

What about you? How do you know that your world is balancing out, when everything’s been off-kilter for a while?

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