Yes. I have succumb.

I have a planner addiction.

It started with a simple comment on Facebook. I blame Yasmine Galenorn, but really, she didn’t make me do it. She just gave me the first inkling that there was a whole world out there of planning that I didn’t know anything about.

She invited me into a group of authors and editors who use paper planners.

At first, I was intrigued. I had always used paper planners in my beauty shop to schedule my appointments, but I’d not considered using them for all out, full-on all day planning.

I have quickly learned that there’s this whole other world of Pretty Planning that I had no idea existed. And as soon as I took that first Hobby Lobby trip to get one, I was hooked.

Seriously hooked.

Since then, (that whole 6 weeks ago) I have bought 6 planners.

Now wait, I know that sounds excessive.

And maybe it kind of is.

But I will qualify–3 were gifts. So really, I only bought 3 for myself. And one was outdated that I’m using as a book plotting notebook, so it was only $3. (I got the idea from watching another author who is a planner lover do it.)

And I now am finding I love washi tape and stickers too (though I’m favoring stickers more — Hobby Lobby’s sticker isle is dangerous!) and I do highly recommend if you’re doing a planner, get the hole punch that matches your planner style. You’ll want it. (If you’re not doing spiral bound). Because a Happy Planner Hole Punch (and there’s different size Happy Planners too!) is not the same as an a5 hole punch.

I am an A5 sized girl (roughly a half-page size, but the binders are a little bigger, and they feel a little more substantial than that.) One that I have is this Carpe Diem Blush Pink planner, for my new HB90 System.

My planner, with decals, and the HB90 printable pages for Q3

I like being able to take out and add in pages I want. And it lets me switch back and forth between covers easily too. Part of the motivation for me is the prettiness of the planners. If they get “old” looking to me, I won’t use them.

And while I really like the Happy Planner system as well, because it does allow you to add and remove pages as you like, it is a proprietary style. The rings that bind them are Happy Planner rings. And as such, they’re not cut to standard sizing. You have to have their paper, their inserts, or at the very least, their hole punch. (I told you, having the hole punches is a good idea.)

There is the argument that you know if you just use Happy Planner stuff, it all works together, no worries, which is nice.

I, however, have always been a Mix & Matcher and like to customize things, so while my Happy Planner will make a great book plotting notebook, I don’t know if I’d want the system for my every day planning.

Yes. I’ve given this a lot of thought.

I do suggest, though, if you’re really interested in getting into paper planning, you start by a trip to your local Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or Joann’s, where they usually have paper planning projects. And if you’re going to buy, please watch the sales. Many times, craft stores will have planning stuff on sale–sometimes as much as 50% off–or even on clearance. Even check some of the vendor sites. Carpe Diem had a great sale this spring, and I picked up several things–planners, inserts, stickers, all sorts of things for wonderful prices.

Why get it at full price, if I can find it on sale somewhere?

Me. In all things.

Do you dare join me in the world of paper planning??? Come on, we have stickers and washi!

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