D. Renee Bagby started this, and Paige Prince tapped me to jump in, so here we go. 
1) What are you working on?

Currently, I’m in between two different projects–revising an older project, and creating a new, short little side story to the Guys and Godmothers series.
2) How do you think your work differs from others of its genre?

My work is different, because I’m a big goober, and I think that comes across in my stories. Most of my characters live somehow on the “nerdy” side of life. My latest release, Before His Eyes, is about two people who come together through their love of all things Steampunk.
3) Why do you write the kinds of books you do?

Because I love happy endings.

And these darn characters keep showing up in my head. They won’t leave me alone until I get them each a story. Which can be overwhelming on occasion, but I love it.
4) How does your writing process work?

For me, as of late, anyway, I get an idea, write about fifty pages, then get stuck. So I wind up taking a few days, armed with note cards, and block out a loose outline, and go from there. I edit as I write, so usually when I write “the end,” it’s pretty much ready to go. I still give everything a thorough read-through/typo check before it goes off for submission, but I don’t do multiple drafts like I used to when I first started writing.

In fact, when I moved, I found so many old drafts–printed old drafts–of even older books I wrote, I was stunned. Let me say, the recycle bin was FULL when I finished going through those!

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