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A special Darkest Judgment Desktop Wallpaper 

Made in honor of the Mythical Knights series, and the last book in the series, Darkest Judgment. 

Here, it’s available in two different sizes.

1920 x 1280

1366 x 768 

Click on the size link, and save the image to your desktop.

Then, boom, it’s yours to install on your computer background or lock screen or wherever you want to use it 🙂 

Perhaps you’d prefer a phone background of my beaten up knight? 

There you go 🙂

Touch and hold to download the image to your phone, (depending on how you download to your device)

If you’d prefer slightly different sizing: 




Because I always love happy, tranquil things on my phone, here’s a pretty little image I made, free for you to use and download to your phone.

This is a new feature, and I will be adding more to this as time goes by, but for now, I just have one image — a phone download, since I bet you’re likely reading this on your phone. (I know I read a lot on my phone! 🙂 )


For iPhones

A wider version for scrolling backgrounds

For Android Phones









How to install on your phone: 

Pretty simple — Click the size that’s appropriate for your phone. It will open in a new browser widow.

Download it and set it as your wallpaper. (Check your phone’s user’s guide if you’re not sure how to do this)

If you’re wanting to download from your desktop and put it on your computer, here’s some basic steps to get you there: 

  1. Click on the image you want, it’ll open on a different tab.
  2. Right-click and download the image to your desktop, in a place you’ll remember.
  3. Transfer to your smart phone
    1. You can do this via hard line, emailing it to yourself, through social media, or through a cloud storage like dropbox. Whatever’s easiest for you.
  4. Then change your phone’s background with the new image.

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