If you follow me on Facebook, I’ve been talking a bit about the fact that I’ve been painting my house.

From top to bottom.

Well mostly.

The house we bought had been a rental before we got it–and as such, the landlord had painted every wall in the house white.

Not eggshell. Not cream. CONTRACTOR WHITE. Paper white. So friggin white I wanted to scream–white. While it was very clean and appealing when I looked at the house, the more I wandered around with my white walls, the less I felt like this was my house.

I had been talking about painting since we moved in. I spent several weeks going through paint samples. Even more time talking with a friend who’s an interior designer, and going through her paint samples.

Needless to say, I probably spent way too much time stressing over the paint colors. And when I finally bought paint, it was because I waited for a good sale from Sherwin Williams to get it. Then I got to work.

Since then, I’ve painted the living room, hallway, one bathroom (I have another I’m considering painting too), kitchen, my office, and my bedroom. Basically the whole main floor. I went with a mostly neutral palette–a beige in my living room, hall, and bath. I opted for a darker tan in my bedroom, because we like a dark bedroom. For my office, I chose a nice turquoise (very close to what’s on my main website, actually), and my kitchen is a lighter turquoise–though neither are an overly “green” turquoise.

And, of course, since I’ve painted, I’ve been doing more decorating–hanging pictures, rearranging what I have put up, even learned how to patch those pesky nail holes (and that one Command strip incident…. we don’t want to talk about that).

The house feels like mine now… In fact, today, there’s a couple of paintings (okay, they’re prints of  maurice utrillo v paintings, but to me, they’re paintings) I need to hang in my bedroom. I might get to that today, but it will involve either moving my bed or standing on it. Neither sound very appealing today. Might wait on that.

Regardless, I have very little excuse to write–the house has been encompassing my existence the last few months, trying to get it put together and making it look good.

Will I ever be done? No, probably not. But isn’t that part of home ownership?

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