While so far I don’t have any news of any changes with Samhain, I personally have a lot of new and exciting things happening here.

I am starting with learning formatting, so I can do my own print books…

Which means soon I’ll be having more books in print, and I’m super excited about that.

I also have 4 more new releases coming this year. Possibly 5 if I get it all done in time, and I’m excited about that too.

There’s also a lot of fluffing and making pretty things and all sorts of fun stuff going on here as well. 

So if I’m quiet on social media and in my newsletter, I’m just trying to get all the things done. I have flow charts and check lists and calendars all filled up with my chicken scratching, and I’m starting to get the lines checked off.

And there’s new pretties–a.k.a cover art–hanging around, waiting to be revealed.

 I know, that’s the best part, the pretty new covers.

I’ll post some soon enough… 
They’re coming, I promise they are.

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