Autumn Falls


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Pretending is all she has to protect herself. He’s always been able to see through her act to the truth. Will he be able to handle what he finds there?Celestial Springs Salon Book 2Autumn Jones wasn’t the biggest fan of coming home. But sometimes, she has to decompress from her nomadic lifestyle. To say hi to her semi-approving family. Maybe heal from her wounds and hide out from a crazy ex-boyfriend. Wait for that next job to come around, so she can bolt again. Yet, it seemed fate wanted to complicate things, by tossing one Louie Castle, Autumn’s high school boyfriend back in her path.And Louie’s all grown up. A cop. And looking for a stable, dedicated wife.Everything Autumn is not.So why is all he can think about is her? Especially now, when he’s sure something’s going on that she won’t talk about. When she calls him for a favor, and he sees the mess she’s trying to hide, he doesn’t know what else to do but help her.Autumn doesn’


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