Bravest Flame



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All it takes is a spark

What girl wouldn’t want a hot fire fighter’s help with a flat tire?

Denise Matthews.

Sure, Chase piques her interest in hot and steamy ways, but Denise doesn’t have time for a dating drama. Men always want her undivided attention, and Denise doesn’t have time for that nonsense

Chase Drigan doesn’t want a casual fling with Denise. His wolfly beast roars to life around her in a way he’s never fathomed before.

One date is derailed when a stranger approaches Denise, giving her a magical curse that might just save the world.

Or destroy it.

Chase and Denise’s lives are shoved forever off course, close to danger, closer together, as centuries old mysteries come to light as well as the dark entities who want it at any price.

Chase’s beast is ready to protect her, but Denise has to be willing to believe that there’s more to the world than humans, and walk through fire to save the man—the beast—she’s come to love.

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