Brightest Shadow



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Werewolf Alpha. She’s not interested.

Book 1 in the Mythical Knights Series

Losing a father is always hard, losing a father who’s a pillar of the community is harder. When he’s the alpha of your werewolf pack it is even harder.

Still, that’s exactly where David Drigan finds himself–lost and rudderless after the death of his father. Nonetheless, the final transformation to turn David into the leader has yet to happen, leaving his family wondering if he will ever be strong enough to lead his pack.

Trying to step into his place in society, David meets Kelsey.

Blonde. Curvy. Attitude.

There’s just something about her that makes David’s beastly desires surface unlike ever before. The need to take her and protect her, if only from herself, overwhelms him.

Not that Kelsey would let him. She doesn’t need anyone to take care of her. Her premonitions and low-key psychic skills do that for her. She trusts her gut, like, for everything.

But this David guy? He’s not her usual bad boy.

He’s, like, a suit.


Then things get crazier.

One night at her favorite decrepit amusement park, she learns there’s a lot more to David—and the world—than she ever expected.

Can Kelsey step into this darker world and truly stand by her alpha? Or will she cut and run? Get away from this crazy, before it makes her crazier?

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