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The Terran Empire is at war with The Rhimodian cyborgs. The Terrans believe the cyborgs have stolen a system of planets from them. At least, that’s how it started.

It degenerated into hatred and fear.

◆Book 3 in the Galactic Storm Series◆

Peace negotiations are in place. It is time to bring a stop to this war that has raged on for far too long between the Rhimodian cyborgs and the Terran Empire.

Lady Bianca must travel to Sol before the peace talks to secure the Terran Ambassador’s quarters and make sure that everything is ready for the coming negotiations.

Upon arriving on the scorching main world of the Rhimodians, she meets Harbin.

The cyborg is much taller than her, and almost immediately annoyed with meeting her. However she’s not afraid. Maybe she should be. After all, she had heard all the stories of the robotic monsters, the Rhimodians, for the last decade. Arriving on their main world, a lava-filled volcanic world.

While only cordial at first, Bianca starts to get more acquainted with Harbin, and realizes he is much more interesting and desirable than she had ever expected. His suit was so tight, she saw all of his assets, and fine assets they were.

Irritated at his assignment, Harbin meets the Terran emissary, Lady Bianca. And is immediately drawn to her. He appreciates her candor and her curiosity about his people. They both have similar desires–to see the end of the war.

Harbin’s Craving, however, makes it difficult to focus on what she needs because of what he wants.

He wants her.

Plain and simple.

He cannot get her out of his mind, she is there constantly until the day of her return with the Ambassadors.

Then an explosion changes everything.

Bianca is jettisoned out into space in an escape pod, and Harbin has to protect her from the attacking ships. Everything is turned into chaos, and she has to hide on one of the Sol moons, an ice rock where the Rhimodians mine. The frigid temperatures leave them both physically close to one another all the time in order to keep her safe.

A true test for Harbin’s Craving, for certain.

And when others show up attempting to attack and kill Bianca, Harbin must do everything in his programming to keep her safe.

Even if it means sacrificing himself.


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