Occasionally, one needs a bit of a reality check to get oneself back in the right groove.

Fortunately, I have a husband who is very good about knowing when I need said “reality checks” and reminds me why I need to do what I need to do, and what comes of it.

While I claimed to be “working” I haven’t gotten nearly as much done this summer as I probably should have, my passion for my work had disappeared for my own work. I could do great things for other people, helping them with stuff, but I couldn’t generate that same passion for my own work, everything tasted dull and I didn’t really want to “work.”

I managed to get a really nice looking site put together for my good friend A. E. Rought and it was fun, I was focused, and made it pretty quickly. But as far as my own edits, getting books submitted that I wanted to have done by now? Not so much.

But thanks to my husband’s hardcore reality check, I realized that I was procrastinating in the worst way, and basically letting my attitude about my writing spiral downward.

Long story short, I had all these plans, and nothing’s really worked out like I thought it would. I’m working on it, because I’m determined, and I got a fresh kick in the butt over this too. So hopefully I’ll do better soon.

After said reality check, I hit 2500 words on current WIP the first day, and day 2, 2700 words. So I’m going for 2800 today, or as close as I can get between wiping my son’s snotty nose (allergies are all sorts of screwy today).

But I need more coffee. Maybe an IV of it….

(And in regards to the picture? Hmm… It might have something to do with my current WIP. I didn’t make it, I’m not that talented, but it’s the closest representation of my character I’ve ever found…)

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