I wrote this back in 2008, but I never posted the article, because I felt, at the time, that it was too fresh, the pain from 9/11 was still too raw for many people to process. 
I might have been a little afraid of upsetting people. 
Found it today when I was going through my hard drive, cleaning up and purging old files. Thought now, it was worth sharing. 

This morning when I got up today, I found that my four-month-old baby left me a present. Which was wonderfully thoughtful since it is me and my husband’s anniversary.


A nice, fully loaded poopy diaper.


If you think about it, that’s kind of how it is to share your anniversary with one of the worst travesties in American history. A fully loaded poopy diaper. No, before you ask, we weren’t married on the day 9/11 happened in 2001, we were married two years earlier in 1999, when probably a huge handful of couples tied their vows, since it was a Saturday in September that year—and I know that September had become the “new June” or so all the bridal magazines were saying in 1999.


We picked September eleventh simply because we met on July eleventh in 1998, and we wanted to be married on the eleventh sometime. In 1999, we could have been married in September or in December. I didn’t want my anniversary that close to Christmas. I have always liked that my birthday was in July, a good time span away from Christmas and the other holidays. And I wanted the same for my anniversary.


When that day came, two years after our wedding, my husband was at work, I was at home, sleeping (no kiddos yet) and I woke to the phone ringing. My husband was panicked, and telling me to turn on the TV like right then.


I did.


And I stared, in shock, at what I saw. I live in the Midwest, the middle of the country, pretty much the USA bellybutton.


My first thought was that it wasn’t real. It had to be some bizarre prank, and that it couldn’t possibly be happening FOR REAL on American soil. No way.


But it was.


Oh how it was.


Needless to say, my husband and I didn’t do much celebrating that day. He’s from back east. Had been to those places hit in the attacks. He was rocked to the core–so rocked, I had to go get him from work, because he couldn’t think.


I couldn’t much either.


There are probably going to be a lot of blogs out there today talking about that horrible attack, the politicians will be talking about it, and people will be remembering.


And all the people that got married on September 11, 1999 will be celebrating their anniversaries with a touch of sadness, because of the horribleness that occurred in 2001.


So to all the people who have anniversaries on September 11, or the people who have birthdays today, I say hold your head up high.

Smile. Dance around. It is still your day.

If we let them take our anniversary or birthdays away, then they win a whole new round against us.


And they’ve won enough, don’t you think?


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