Inspired by this blog post written by T. E. Ridener, it made me want to share my own thoughts about reviews.

And reviewers.

Because while I’ve been on this writing journey, I’ve gotten reviews. Some good. Some bad. Some meh. Some super excited and thrilled.

But one thing remains constant.

I respect all reviews.

Do I like it if a reader doesn’t like my books? No, because I am in many ways a people-pleaser, and I want everyone to be happy. I want everyone to love my books as much as I do. Does it make me sad when I don’t get a good review? Sometimes. Depends on the review.

Outright mean reviews, I do get a bit bitchy–or, depending on the review, find it funny.

Critical reviews that are constructive, however, I do appreciate. They might see something about my writing that I don’t see. And that’s never a bad thing.

That being said, I also am a grownup.

I know that not every book I write will resonate with every reader.

Heck I have one right now that I swear the reviews are completely polar. Readers loved it or hated it.

It happens.

I don’t get stressed over that. It does me and my blood pressure no good. And frankly, that’s a lot of energy to expel stressing over a bad review. It’s like letting someone’s mean comment live in your head, and I don’t have time for that. I have books to write.

In fact, I adore reviewers.

The work you all put out every single week for reviews boggles me!

Because I see you all make graphics, post everything everywhere, link everything on your sites, and the time you take posting to social media.

I know that you do it for tons of authors every month, I am gobsmacked.

So seriously, no matter the rating, I appreciate Every Review.

Thank you, reviewers for your work.

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