I write romance novels.

I love romance novels.

I am a happily married woman.

My husband even enjoys when I read romance novels.

So it always irritates me when I read some article in a newspaper about how those who read romance novels are lonely and aren’t having sex.

In an article I read recently, it claimed that those who buy romance novels are people who don’t have sex:

“Fact: The Washington suburb of Alexandria, Virginia, is the most-read city in America, according to Amazon. Why? Because its residents are the No. 1 buyers of romance novels. Who buys romance novels? People who aren’t having much sex.”

And when I first saw that, I thought, “well, it’s probably a guy who wrote the article, and that’s why he’d say that, because that’s just typical boy thinking.”

Oh no.

It was written by a woman.

Really? Because the only thing that happily married women read is what Oprah tells them? Oh please.

I hate to break it to the writer of this article (that I will not link to), but there’s this little series that’s a bestseller right now, you might have heard of it– 50 Shades of Gray. Not only is it romance, but it’s erotic romance. Being bought by women of all ages and demographics.

As a matter of fact, SEVEN of the 15 top selling novels on the New York Times bestsellers (combined ebook and print)  are romance novels. That’s almost half of the top fifteen. The others? From all other publishing genres.

I don’t normally get irate about things, and I usually keep my rants to myself, but this one really did offend me. I mean, really? Romance novels are for people who don’t have much sex? I beg to differ. There are studies that show women who read romance novels not only have happier sex lives, but their partners have happier sex lives too.

 It makes me a little crazy when people badmouth romance novels and the romance genre. Just because someone reads a romance does not make them starved for something in their life. Romance novels are awesome, because you know, when you pick one up, it’s going to have a happy ending.

And what’s wrong with that? Believe it or not, happy endings are hope. We all need hope in our lives. In a world where all the news talks about are the bad things, or belittle people’s reading choices, a little hope can go a long way.

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