Romance is always a hot-button topic. What one person considers romance, another doesn’t. By its nature, it’s subjective, and therefore always up for debate.

I’ve been married for over fourteen years. I find it romantic when my husband completes his Honey-Do list, and gives me a hug and a big kiss when I come home from work.

Some people think that romance is more about the things the other person does for them, or in some cases, gives them.

 But what about what you do for your partner? We all have that friend who’s boyfriend/husband showers them with gifts all the time–flowers, chocolates, jewelry, gifts. We joke, on Girls’ Night Out, that wouldn’t that be nice if my husband did all that.

But really, would it make things any better?

In the real world, I think it would make me nuts if my husband came home with presents and gifts for me all the time, especially those in the “expensive” arena. Mostly because I handle the money, and I would be wanting to know where he found the money for that. (And what bill was I going to be short because of that blingy bracelet?)

Does my husband give me gifts? Sure he does. But his are, well, different. (And awesome on a whole other level)

Yes, for those of you who don’t know, that’s Hermione’s Time Turner from Harry Potter, and of course, the other, is Slave Leia Black Series collectible. Both sit in my office, over my computer. They watch me work, and it is awesome.

Are they chocolates and flowers? Nope. Would I enjoy chocolate or a cookie or ice cream sunday every once in a while? Of course I would. Do I expect them? Nope, and why should I?

I’m a big nerd girl. Get me something nerdy to add to my collection, and I’ll love you forever. 🙂

What about you? What’s the most un-romantic, romantic gift you’ve ever gotten?

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