Back, with a new, stunning cover, Saving Her Destiny is now available again. 

Fairy-In-Distress team member Duncan Molar’s mission is simple. Find his missing best friend, banshee Cara Wallace, before an assassin lights the magical fuse that will unlock her scream and wipe out the last merrow colony on earth.

He will not fail her.

Since the day, he rescued her from a fishing net years before, the victim of a cruel prank, they’ve been joined at the hip. He helped her with her telepathy, and she reminded him of the beautiful side of being a fairy.

Finding her still won’t end the crisis. Her unreleased scream could kill her and everyone on Avalon…unless he figures out a way to release it safely. The solution blows them so far apart, Duncan winds back to square one.

Doing whatever he has to—including sacrificing his job with the FID—in order to save her.

Because secretly, he’s been in love with her for a decade.

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