Because I have to be. Okay, no not really. I’m not horribly serious in my life, so why would my writing be serious?

I actually have hanging over my writing area a sign that says “Why So Serious?” to remind myself that stories are supposed to be fun, enjoyable and all sorts of pleasant. I should be enjoying myself as I work on them. Because if I’m not enjoying them while I write, then why would you enjoy them while you read?

The manuscript that’s circulating now has a lot of fun little bits in it, one of my favorites is this one:

Rico pulled out his samurai sword.

“Big sword. Compensating?”

That’s probably one of my favorite parts. I mean, I can totally see the main character saying that with a grin on her face–one of those pissed off, but yet excited that she gets to kick some ass expressions.

And when I wrote that scene, I didn’t plot it, I didn’t expect her to say that, it just came out. And I laughed my butt off when I realized what she’d said. That’s one of the things I love about writing–the fun stuff that comes up.

So when I work on my stuff, I let the sillies, the smart-assed comments, the fun in the world come out. Even when it’s a very dark and serious book.

Here’s another one, from A Darker Trinity

Holy water—truly blessed water by a completely devoted minister, could burn the skin. Darkness in the minister’s heart, though, tainted the water, and it remained harmless.

Which made Nicole want to run around and test all the holy water at all the churches, just to see.

See, if I was a vampire, I would totally do that. Just because. See, having the fun has to be there, or what’s the point, you know?

And here’s a cute moment from The Reluctant Prince (Total plug–will be out in PRINT in May! SQUEE!)

A couple of literary novels, a sci-fi novel, Star Trek to be exact, two mystery/suspense novels, all best sellers, and he snagged another one. When he turned it over, he jerked. The cover had a naked male’s back holding a broadsword. Hadrian held it by his fingertips.

“Oh knock it off,” she muttered, snagging it out of his hands.

“You actually read that stuff?” He gestured to the cover with the guy on it.

“I‟m a girl. Of course I do. Every girl needs a hero and romance in her life once in a while.”

And who hasn’t seen a guy do that to a romance novel? Hold it by their fingertips like the thing was diseased. I know my husband just grunts when I get out one of the sexy book covers–which is why my Nook is so much better. He doesn’t see the covers then.

Regardless, though. It’s about having fun. If you don’t enjoy, have fun, laugh a little as you write your story, I can guarantee you, your readers won’t either.

So really, why so serious?

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