It’s Sunday, and my house is quiet.

No, I’m not up particularly early, nor has everyone left the house.

It’s just a rare day when the family is not thundering around at 7am like they are every other day of the week.

We did go to a friend’s house last night for blowing off steam–and, like most of us, there’s always steam to blow off–and didn’t leave until midnight.

Probably part of the reason the house is still quiet–everyone’s still sleeping, having been kept up past their usual bedtimes.

I woke very early, a spam email waking me. (I don’t shut my phone off at night, because we don’t have a land line, so I keep one phone on all the time in case of late night calls.)

And I couldn’t go back to sleep. I thought about it. I really did. I tried. I really did that too–it’s much easier to just lay there, especially when it’s cold out, and try to go back to sleep.

Alas, no luck for me. So I got up, savored the quiet, made a pot of coffee. While enjoying my pot of coffee, I did a little web surfing, answered some important emails, and of course, played on social media.

But that was soon ended by the waking of my kiddos, and then my husband.

Now it’s off to doing the Sunday stuff, like going to the store. We’re supposed to get freezing rain soon, so I’m thinking I’d better get before it gets bad. I am not sure if we’ll be doing the big Sunday Dinner that we usually do with my family this weekend, if we get the weather they’re talking about.

What about you, what are your Sunday plans?

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