A collective sigh escaped me when I read the email from Amazon that my book, Slipping Away, was officially published. It was a long road to get here, but I made it.

Well, the book is mostly available, lol. The print version is coming, but it’s going to be a few weeks. (I did try very hard to get the print ready by the ebook release, but an unexpected issue occurred, and it needs to be fixed and re-proofed, before I put it up for sale… So slight delay on that.) 

But what you don’t know is that I never knew if this book would ever be seen. By anyone. 

You see, Slipping Away is a sequel to Out of the Tower. And if you know Out of the Tower’s Dirty Secret then you might be able to piece this one together. 

Just in case, I’ll explain. Out of the Tower was once called Rescuing Rapunzel and was ever-so-briefly available at Lyrical Press (A year? Maybe a year and a half? Until they were bought out by Kensington, anyway.) Between final editing and release of that book, I wrote Catching Cinderella, a sequel to the fairy tale. When it was time for Rapunzel to release, my editor left the company, and I finished the second book that I wound up submitting, hoping another editor would grab it. 

Lyrical Press rejected it. For numerous reasons. Reasons that, at the time, I thought were bullshit. Looking back, some were. Others weren’t. 

But the biggest thing was that they said the story stunk. And I knew better than that. Was it the best book I’d ever written? No. But I had previously had an editor that pretty much made me rewrite everything during the editing process (I don’t want to talk about how many times I had to re-write the first book in the series. I still am gun-shy with new editors because of it) and expected it with this one. Of course, I expected my editor to still be my editor at the time, too. 

Regardless, I was stuck with this book that I didn’t know what to do with. So I consulted a few very talented and sharp friends, and asked them to take a look. Both of them said the same thing. 

That the story was there. Just not how I wrote it. So I re-did it. Numerous times. I re-did Slipping Away (and Out of the Tower, for that matter–it barely resembles the original) for myself, for an agent, and for other editors, in hopes to sell the series, because, hell, I had two books written. Yet no one ever seemed to even look at it. 

I had no idea if it really did actually stink, or if I had managed to write a good story, and just not gotten it front of the right eyes. 

Well, today, I saw my first review for it on Amazon.

“This book wasn’t quite like Cinderella. It was much more harsher. A very grown-up version…This was a very exciting and enchanting book. I love it!” — From miss Valerie B, over on Amazon

To say I was relieved is an understatement. 

It is truly terrifying when you doubt a book’s story, and you wonder if it’s really as good as you hope. 

Fortunately, this time, it wasn’t… 

Read and excerpt here and here 

Grab Slipping Away here

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