indecisionWell, the subject pretty much tells it all. I screwed up, royally, and I evidently have been screwed up for at least a month, and I didn’t even realize it. 

I kept wondering why I wasn’t getting any data from certain links on my site, and I just wrote it off, thinking that I must not get nearly as much traffic on my website as I thought I did.

Since I’m in the process of taking some marketing classes and trying to learn how to be better, I just thought it was my lack of good content on my website. 


Long story short, in the process of doing some behind-the-curtain stuff to make it prettier on the front, I screwed up EVERY SINGLE AMAZON LINK on my site.

I’ve been scrambling to fix it today, and triple check every link on my site, to make sure everything’s working like it should.

I alsohomersimpsondoh wanted to tell each and every one of you that I’m horribly sorry for this screw up. I know a good portion of you shop primarily for your ebooks at Amazon, and for me to screw this up? Ugh. This is an epic mistake on my part!

I am terribly sorry! I am totally having a Homer Simpson day.

But, on the bright side? Every link is fixed now. And yes, I checked each and every one to make sure they go exactly where they are supposed to go. 

If you stumble upon one that isn’t going where it should, please let me know in the comments or email me

While I should have known better, this probably could have happened to anyone. 

You see, it’s all because of those damn short codes.

I use short codes for everything, and with my Amazon stuff, I have special short codes that I use for all my links. They’re great—short, perfect for tweeting, for posts, and quick to grab whenever I want to share something awesome I found on Amazon. And they’re really easy for copying and pasting. 

So I copy and paste those, instead of the full, page long links on all my ebook retailer sites. They’re easier, and I can see tracking, knowing who’s clicking on what links. 

Unfortunately, when I set up my book pages with the new-to-me book plug in that I use (Mooberry Book Manager for anyone who wants to know), I used my short codes that I always used.

I didn’t realize that using those short codes, in combination with my other link attributes, would make the codes not work at all.

Well, okay, they did take you to Amazon’s home page.

But not to the book pages they were supposed to go to.

Was this anyone’s fault but mine? Nope. This was totally my mistake. And it was a silly thing, because I’m sure if I looked around, I’d find some kind of instructions that I likely missed when I was putting everything in.

But regardless, they’re all up now. 

Feel free to browse around the site and check all the books out (since you’re here and all. 🙂 ) Or you can just go to my Author Page on Amazon, and pick up whatever you’d like. 

Link works, I swear. 

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