Samhain Publishing is closing, if you hadn’t heard. And they have a closing date this time. No more vague comments and weird “we said that, no we didn’t” stuff. They’re really closing. 

As of February 28th, their books will no longer be for sale. 

This includes a long list of my own titles.

Fantasy Girl

The Reluctant Prince

Mission of Christmas

Under His Nose

Before His Eyes

Just His Taste

Saving Her Destiny

Dark Within

Darker Cravings

Darkest Judgment 



But fear not!

If anything, I’m a planning sort of gal, and when I saw the writing on the wall last year (heck, before that) I started making plans, and figuring out what the best option for me and all my books would be.

I already have new covers for nearly every Samhain book I wrote, and I’ve started the process of getting them all formatted and ready for sale, and some will even be in print that haven’t ever been before, so that’s exciting to me.

The Mythical Knights series is being reorganized and renumbered so the book order makes more sense. 

The Mythicals series, I’m in the process of writing more books for, (hopefully the next one will be out by the end of this year), and Saving Her Destiny has THE PRETTIEST NEW COVER! I can’t wait to reveal it. 

All the contemporaries will be tied into the Barrum KS world–and really, that won’t be too hard, except for The Reluctant Prince, that one will take a little bit more work, but other than that, it should be simple. 

The Guys and Godmothers are getting a whole new look and design to them, including a tiny bit of story tweaking to help my image of one of the characters be a bit more true to what I saw in my head. BUT OMG THOSE COVERS… EEEPPP They’re so amazing! I can’t wait to show those off too!

So yeah, there’s going to be a lot going on.

I’m also in the process of revamping my newsletter, and making it more of a reader’s club, with more freebies, excerpts and fun stuff for you all too. So I’ve got my work cut out for me this year.

But in a weird way, I’m super excited about it all. It’s going to be amazing to have all my books back under my own control, where I can make all the decisions about what happens to them. (Can we say control freak much? lol)

But while many are upset about this turn of events, I’m actually quite happy, and I’m hoping this turns out to be a great thing.

I think it will be.

So, in closing, yes, my books will come down from the retailers for a little while.

But only for a little while. 

I hope to have them all back up as quickly as possible.  


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