Taming the Monster, our little book of monster love stories, hit the USA Today Bestsellers list at #91!

This is a shock, but also a wonderful surprise, especially considering this collection started out as a joke among us.

The conversation came up on a private thread about how fun it would be to do some “classy sexy monster stories.” 

Something that was monster, for those who liked a little tentacles in their paranormal romance, but still a truly awesome love story. 

(Mine, Guarding Her Secret, was a Loch Ness Monster love story…) 

And that’s what we did. 🙂 It came out really well, and we all worked really hard to make sure that you all knew about this collection. 

And all you readers must have really been excited about this collection, because you pushed us into the USA Today bestseller’s list for this past week.

You all are the best!!! 

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