In honor of my adorable son (seen here, realizing the future of his hairline) I am doing something this week that is…



This is in honor of my little boy, because “something very special” is the boy’s new catch phrase.

Whenever we give him a choice about something, that is currently his answer. “So, Brandon, what book do you want to read tonight?”  “Hmmm… Something very… very special, Momma.” (And yes, we spell it “Momma” because “Mama” is not even close to how it’s pronounced. It is literally “Mom” with and “a” on the end.)

And usually it’s a book that we’ve read a thousand times before.

But here, today, my Something Very Special is NOT something we’ve done a hundred times. Okay, maybe we have. But not quite like this.

You’ll have to come back on Wednesday to find out what is going on.

But I promise, it is very very special. 🙂

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