While my glass of tea never looks so appealing, I do enjoy a cup every now and again.

Sunday is my work day. 

I know, that sort of goes against all the rules and stories and things when it comes to Sundays. But for me, it’s just how things worked out. I tend to get a lot done on Sundays. 

There are almost always covers to build/finish/update, (mine and my client’s — yes, I build covers for fellow authors as well as make all of mine), promotions to create art for, and inevitably, there’s something I have to help my husband with on the computer. 

(Today, I made pretty thumbnails for his series of holiday advent calendar openings from the new Harry Potter Advent Calendar. Check out the series here. )

And I try to get some writing in, but that doesn’t always happen. At least not in the usual, timely manner I prefer. 

I used to be able to block out noise and work like there was no tomorrow, without regard to anything. 

However, I’m getting to the age where I can’t do that anymore. I can’t “check out” of what’s going on around me nearly as easily as I used to be able to. Like right now, I can hear SpongeBob SquarePants in the living room. Mind you, I have a door that I can close, but I don’t, because one of my kids is feeling a little queasy. 

I have tried tons of things to help me better focus the last few years. Like I have a sound machine to block out the background noises. I have done headphones of all sorts, from basic ear buds to noise cancelling. I have listened to all sorts of music/noise/focus apps. I have 2 on my phone right now. 

All of it is great. It is. 

But it doesn’t do me any good at all if I don’t start. Stop worrying about what I’m writing and just write it. 

Yep. I said that.

I have to just remember, the number one lesson I learned when I first started writing. Like the simplest one there is, and the one that I forget to do a lot. Especially the last year or so.

Apply Butt To Chair. 

There’s no new book if I don’t sit down and write it! 

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