Today I’m going to list, instead of a couple of books, some really great sales sites for reader.

I only recently became aware of these sites, and let me tell you what, they’re great. When I’m in a reading mood, I will tear through books in a day. I have been known to ignore my entire family for a weekend just to read a new book series.

So when I read, I read a lot, and I read fast. As a result, I tend to buy a lot in bursts, like pick up one book in a series, love it, and buy the rest of the series.

These newsletters are really helpful, because many times, the books listed are book one in a series, and I can try it out, at a good discount, and decide to buy the rest of the books.

Most all of them only list books on sale (something that always makes me grin, because I love a deal) and you get daily emails in your inbox. You can pick the genre of books you like, whether it’s romance, mystery, science fiction, historical fiction, even non fiction–whatever you prefer, and they give you links to your preferred retailer — Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iTunes. (I have mine set up to send me books with Barnes and Noble links, because I have a Nook, just one of the preferences you can set.)

All these listings are free to sign up, you just need a valid email to get your daily newsletter with books in it. (4-6 books a day, depending on your preferences, and how many genres you’re interested in)

BookBub  has all sorts of titles in quite a few genres. So if you read several genres, this one is a good one to start with.

The Midlist Again, lots of genres to pick from.

BargainBooksy / FreeBooksy (just like the name suggests, one site does bargains — usually $0.99, the other does free books)

Ereader News Today

The Fussy Librarian

Romance centered:
My Romance Reads

So go check them out, see what you can find. You never know, you might find a new series you love. 🙂 And all the sites are free, by the way.

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