I have joined the tech world and got a smart phone, so, of course, I have to try mobile blogging.

I can’t say I love change, and it has taken a bit of a learning curve to get used to my smart phone (I got an LG Optimus) but I really am getting used to this.

I have always said that change is a good thing. Yet as much as I appreciate it, I still can be stubbornly stuck to my old ways.

It can sometimes take more effort than I thought how to change in trying new things. I have learned however, in my life that many changes are usually for the better.

Like this blog. Well over half of this post I spoke into my phone instead of typing. While I doubt I would ever use word recognition software to write my book, it is quite fun for mobile blogging.

So I am trying the future.

What about you? What new tech have you tried?

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