Okay, so maybe this is lazy on my part, but I wrote a blog for Sister’s Grimm today, on the theory of how Back to the Future, (yes, that 80’s movie), is an incredible example of how we should write.

There’s a tightness and strength in the flow of that movie that sets up and shares every important detail in the story that you need, as a viewer, to know and understand what is going on, and why each moment is significant.

It also sets up the conflicts…

Such as Marty being hit by the car rather than George, as it was in the original history, and what this does to Marty’s parents initial meeting, thereby changing how the couple manages to get together.

Also, it inflames the situation with George and Biff, showing that George had NEVER stood up to Biff in his life, and how Marty shows his young dad that it’s okay to stand up for himself, then making George a better person in the long run for Marty.

Anyway, if you want my full dissertation on Back to the Future, click on the link above, and you can get it.

But next time you see it, pay attention to the details. You might be shocked, as a storyteller, of what’s actually there.

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