Well, I have to start by saying that I adore Michelle Pillow (www.michellepillow.com) and the book signing was a total blast.

We had lots of books, as you can see from the photo, candy to give away, and a lot of foot traffic in the store–always a good thing.

I got to talk to a lot of people, meet readers, some were fans of Michelle’s, some were fans (and friends) of mine, and everyone was really nice and sweet. We had a good time.

Since it was the Saturday before Valentine’s Day, I would have thought more men would have stopped by and picked up for their wives/girlfriends an autographed book. While a few did, I would have thought that would be an auto-gift, you know? Maybe it’s just me that would find that really cool.

However, we saw a lot of couples in the store, which became a point of amusement between me and Michelle. We both noticed the couples, the guy would come in, walk right past our table like we weren’t there, and the girl would slow down, glancing at the books, at us, but the guy would give her the impatient stare. Though some even did the whole hand motioned that screamed “you don’t need that stuff, come on.”

We did get a few pretentious stares, that whole “Oh… you write the romance…. how sad… tsk tsk” looks, but I just grinned at them and offered them a Snickers bar.

And they say it wouldn’t be a book signing if you’re not asked where the bathroom was…

We were asked not only where that was, but where the audio-books were. (And that was especially funny because there was this huge lit-up sign behind us that said “audio books”)

And we got to see and play a little with the Nook from Barnes and Noble. Very sweet little ebook reader–$260, which isn’t too bad, considering it does have a touch screen at the bottom where your book titles are–and that part is in color, a nice feature.

It does do the whole “screen goes black” thing when you turn the page in the reader, and that jarred me a touch, but most of the stuff seemed pretty cool. It has many different font styles and settings to make reading easier, which I did like. And it’s roughly the size of a trade paperback book, but about 1/2 as thick. Nice device.

So yeah, we had a great time, all in all.

If you missed the signing, but still would like an autographed copy of Moonlight and Shadows, Books One and Two or Fantasy Girl, the Barnes and Noble at Bradley Fair in Wichita KS still has several copies there. And of course, Michelle’s books are there as well. 🙂 So swing by and pick up yours today. 🙂

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