Just His Taste, G&G Book 3

Many times, when I dive into a story idea, I wind up creating a concept that’s far too big for a single book. My mind will splinter into multiple directions, and I’ll create secondary characters as I write that all deserve their own story line.

When I came up with the series Guys and Godmothers, I had an idea, based solely on a stuffed fairy godmother that a friend of mine made.

In the conversations about them, I told

Before His Eyes Bk 2

her “that should be in a book, that’s hilarious” when she told me the story of these dolls. She laughed, because it was a bit too funny and cute for her taste, and told me that I should write a book about them.

And because, well, I’m me, not only did I create a book about them, I created a series, a world, a set of rules, and what could happen when these rules were broken.

Under His Nose, Bk 1

Spreadsheets, time lines, and plot bunnies were created and fluffed until I put together all three books that not only tied together, but were happening simultaneously. A completely new idea for me–I’ve never written that way before, I’ve usually done books chronologically, with a few months, maybe even years, between them.

This process for writing a series I don’t recommend–there were a lot of migraines and cursing as I tried to make sure I didn’t have one character in two places at once. And let me say, I have no desire to do it again, at least not intentionally.

Though about the time I came up with this series, I created another one, and I did a similar thing–though in this series, book 2 and book 3 are happening roughly simultaneously, just after the events in book 1. This series is being shopped as I write, and when it’s done, I’ll probably decide not to do simultaneous again.

Though knowing how my brain works, I’ll do it again, whether I want to or not.

And since I have “that brain” that must create so many secondary characters that are so awesome, there’s going to be another book, a spin-off of the Guys and Godmothers series, called “Mythicals.” It involves the Fairies In Distress Unit, banshees, merrow, and all sorts of other crazy stuff.

Title: Saving Her Destiny, slated to come out in Spring/Early Summer of 2014. It explains certain elements that happen in Just His Taste, and why certain characters behave like they do.

Tentatively, there’s only one book in that little series, but there’s potential for 2-3 more there. (See my twitching eyeball? That means I’m taking on more than I really should… It does this. A lot.)

I can’t help it, I have a mind that won’t quit.

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