I have this pretty cool paranormal romance series, called The Mythical Knights.

Lots of really cool covers.

And even more really interesting stories.

So I thought I’d run through them really quickly, giving a brief overview of the reading order, and the major players.

First off, books 1, 2, and 3 are being published by Samhain Publishing.

And for those of you who may not realize this, but they were written, sold, even edited quite a while ago. Because with a publisher, they like to have everything written and ready to go anywhere from 4-6 months ahead. (Or sooner, depending on the publisher) And really, you can’t blame them, since a publisher has literally hundreds of titles they’re working on.

And, because I’m me, and I knew there’s a lot more to this series than what was in books 1, 2, and 3, I started writing the “.5” books.

Click HERE for more info about all these books

So now there’s six books, but, really, only three, if you don’t count the “.5” books. (These books both intrigue and irritate my daughter, because she hates that the series isn’t just books 1-6)

I count the “.5” books, because they tell more of the world, and you learn how much deeper this world is, because it’s an iceberg. I swear. 

Or Supernatural. I’ve had a couple of people compare it to that as well, because it just gets deeper and deeper with each book.

So here’s the basic book rundown:

Book 0.5
Brightest Shadow
Can they find the light, lost in the dark?
Werewolf shifter

Book 1
Dark Within
There are monsters and monsters. Which kind wants her dead?
Werewolf shifter 

A Mythical Knights Side/Christmas story 
Not a Gentleman’s Christmas 
She wanted a gentleman to save her. He’s no gentleman
Werewolf shifter 

Book 1.5
Bravest Flame
All it takes is a spark
Werewolf shifter

Book 2
Darker Cravings
She craved more, but is two too hot to handle?
M/F/M Vampire menage 

Book 2.5
Boldest Choice (Release date spring of 2016) 
Right and wrong has never been more than a choice
Monster romance

Book 3
Darkest Judgment (Release date April, 2016) 
In the heat of the moment, sometimes all a Templar has is his judgment
Templar Knight Romance

And the thing is? There’s more stories to come. 

Like a LOT more… There are Ele…. Wait. I’m not spoiling anything. 

Moving on… 

The series ties into my Mythicals Series as well. In fact, my latest book, Bravest Flame (Releasing Feb 4th) brings the Fairy Realm into the Mythical Knights world… (I’m not saying which ones, but some fairies show up during this one…) 

So, especially if you liked my Guys and Godmothers series, and thought maybe a particular sister needed a fairy godmother, then you should check out Mythical Knights–because it all ties together.

(Because I like it when it ties all together) 

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