I find myself struggling with this a lot, especially lately, when I work.

Trying to balance between marketing, promotion, sales, building graphics, links, social media posts, and all the other things, I forget sometimes, that I have to WRITE THE GODDAMN BOOK.

So I’m hoping, as one of my new goals, to carve out a very specific point of time so I can write. The rest of the world gets turned off, and I’m going to focus entirely on just writing the book. Whatever book it is, because, let’s face it, I have way too many stories in my head right now.

(And let’s not talk about my smart-assed muse who’s whispering me details about stories I haven’t yet written, but are scheduled to be done soon.)

So as soon as I can, I’m going to start forcing myself to not forget this important little detail.

Maybe I can stay on top of my schedule then…

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