I am working in several projects right now. A couple I am in full writing mode (one is almost done, yeah!) and I know all I need. It is just a matter of finishing the work.

But the two others, I am trying to do research, to get details fleshed out. One is my favorite kind of research, mostly making up stuff as I go. The other, though, is more complicated.

It involves actually looking up stuff and talking to people to get the information I need.

On the one hand, I know people love to talk about what they know — I have been a hairdresser for almost twenty years, and everyone likes to talk about what they know. On the other hand I am kind of shy (don’t laugh, I am) and I don’t like to pry into people’s lives.

But a good deal I need to know will have to come from personal experience. The kind of minute details that only someone who’s been in combat can answer.

And possibly that is why I am shy about it. Because it is combat that I want to know about. The few soldiers I have known have been reluctant to talk about it. And I understand that.

I don’t want to know the bloody details, just nuance. Smells, little things like that. The stuff that someone who knows will read and say “yeah, that’s right.”

So I think I will have to get over my shyness and ask some questions.

How do you research? 

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