So, I learned a lot this week.

The biggest thing?

That I’m not required to have a solid plan about what the hell I’m doing. And that’s okay.

I’m still sort of getting used to my planner and my 90 day planning and figuring out what tasks are vs projects vs goals.

My homemade kanban board on the back of my closet door with washi tape.
My homemade kanban board on the back of my closet door with washi tape.

I made myself a KanBan board out of washi tape and the back of my closet door. Obviously, it’s a work in progress, but for now, it’ll work. I’m a visual person, and while having a paper planner is great, this visual of all the stuff I need to get done certainly makes me want to do things and move them down.

Many kanban boards move horizontally, or so I’ve learned online, but I like the vertical, where each item goes down to the bottom when it’s completed.

Gives me a sense of “dropping away” the tasks that are finished.

I’m also wanting to do some reorganizing of my office–I have a lot of small bookshelves, and I’d like to get one large one, so I can get rid of some of my small stuff, and make more room in my office.

It’s all part of my plan to really move forward in my business.

Because I know the business side of being a published author is important. Especially when I have certain goals I’m trying to reach.

I am excited, though, because since I’ve been working through the HB90 planner (printables from Etsy) from Heart Breathings, it’s allowed me to stop thinking (read obsess) about plans for years to come, but focus only on the next 90 days. (And no, I don’t get anything for the Heart Breathing links, I just really like the process and the way it’s done. It’s helped me think about things differently. I want to give a shout out to an author and her service, because I respect it and appreciate how much she’s putting out there to help indy authors.)

I also feel like the next couple of years, my world’s going to be in serious flux, and worrying about how I’m going to handle _Issue X_ in six months doesn’t help me right now. Instead, _Issue X_ is six months away. That’s 2 quarters. I have plenty of time to deal with that when it’s time.

Because I tend to worry about stuff I don’t need to RIGHT NOW, rather than focus on what I need to do now, and deal with other things later.

That’s what I have to grow and improve on. To break things down, figure out all the moving parts that will get me where I need to be via my goals, and stop expecting myself to get more done than I can, based on the time I have available.

Because I, like everyone, have financial and personal goals I want to reach. And I am beginning to understand that I have the ability to make those things happen, but I have to find a way to do it all, without killing myself.

But also remembering which direction I need to move, in order to get to my goals.

(That would be forward.)

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