It’s that time again!

Sale time!

Right now, Brightest Shadow, Mythical Knights Book 1 is on sale for $0.99 for a limited time (Betcha couldn’t guess that from my image, huh? lol) (Click Here to get right to the other sales)

After the death of his father, David Drigan must step up to lead his werewolf pack.

Meeting Kelsey turns his world even more upside down. She makes David’s beast surface like never before, even when she argues with him. 

Together, can they find the light, lost in the dark?

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Pretty good timing, since Dark Within just came out today, huh? 

Neil Drigan has no interest in finding a mate. Bind himself to one woman? No thank you. Permanent is for the wolf pack Alpha—his brother. Yet lately he persistently dreams about running, in full wolf form, to save a beautiful woman who smells of flowers—and death.

At first the woman’s identity is a mystery, until he realizes the dreams are a residual imprint of something that really happened. Not only is the woman temptation wrapped in real flesh and blood, she’s still in danger.

And the one thing he never thought he wanted.

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And, since I’m not the only person in the world having a sale or new releases,

I thought I’d share some deals I’ve found that my buds online are having

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Kindle Worlds Book — Paranormal Dating Agency


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Amazon | Barnes and Noble | iBooks | Kobo

**Boxed Series Set at Amazon**

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Amazon | Barnes and Noble | iBooks | Kobo

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