Somewhere, back in the early days of my writing–I think this came from the fan fiction days, to be quite honest–I developed this “tradition” or maybe in my case, more of a superstition about my writing, that I still follow to this day.

I don’t talk about anything I write publicly until I’ve finished it, and I have a release plan for it.

It started way back in the day when I would write fan fiction, or rather, when I would start a project, and send little bits and pieces of it to my fellow fan fic writers, we’d all coo over it, talk about how awesome it would be when I finished it, and they couldn’t wait to see the finished product.

And then, I wouldn’t finish the story.

It was like this weird jinx I’d do to myself–I’d want to finish said story, I’d even work on it, but for one reason or another, it wouldn’t get finished. Then I’d have friends asking if I’d ever finished the book, and it would embarrass me because, no I didn’t finish it.

And I hated that.

So I made a point of not talking about projects while I was working on them, because, well, if I didn’t get them done when I wanted to, then, well, no harm done. No one had to know.

Now, however, I’m coming to this very weird place, where I want to talk about unfinished projects, because I know I’m going to get them done, yet I hate to break my traditional “radio silence” about books, just in case something didn’t work out like I planned.

I have several listed right now on my website — now I must add to this, that while the projects are still in the writing phase, they HAVE TO be done, and all have hard deadlines attached to them, so I WILL get them done on time. But the other projects on my “to do” list are just dancing in the background, pretty much screaming for me to talk about them, but I hesitate.

After all, they don’t have the hard deadlines, so I hate to talk about them until I know exactly when and where they’re coming out. Also, I would hate to disappoint anyone if I didn’t hit a release that I’d promised to my readers.

Decisions, decisions.

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