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I haven’t been blogging, or even writing, as much as I like the last two weeks, because my family and I have been in the middle of moving.

It’s a massive process, and far more complicated than I anticipated. Of course, the last time I moved, I was moving myself, with no family to contend with.

This time, with me, the kids, and my husband, I had no idea how much stuff we’d accumulated in our previous home.

Or the books.

Good God, I have a lot of books.

I mean, I knew I had a lot, but I didn’t realize exactly how many, until I started trying to pack, and now unpack and properly shelve them.

I had a 50 gallon tub packed full of books, and I figured, oh, I don’t have many more than that.

Um, no.

I have a crap-ton more than that.

I have so many boxes of random books, I can’t begin to count all of them. I unloaded my 50 gallon tub of books, and still have so many boxes of them, I don’t know where to begin. I have, of course, the FanGirl shelf, which is a great deal of Star Wars EU books, and there’s the random scifi and romance novels I’ve bought or been given over the years. There’s the smallish collection of ghost hunting books that my husband has bought over the years–though I think I know the perfect place for those–and let’s not even start about my cookbook collection.

That’s not even counting all the books I have on my Nook. (At least another 300 there.) Fortunately, my Nook doesn’t take up much shelf space.

I can’t take anything out of the boxes because I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them, so they’re currently sitting in my garage, waiting to be placed somewhere.

We’re talking about putting a shelving unit on the wall in my office–the kind with the little metal brackets and the shelves. I had looked at floating book shelves, but I wonder if they would be strong enough to hold all these books.

And let’s not talk about my twitchy self that wants to organize them by author too. But that comes later, I think.

I hope.

When I get it done (hopefully soon, because I can’t stand them all being in the boxes), I will post pictures.

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