WordPress update 5.0.3

So, I hear you’re having trouble with Gutenberg’s latest update. (WordPress 5.0.3)

Guess what.

It may not be Gutenberg at all.

It may actually be another plug-in all together causing the problem. Even a plug-in that has nothing to do with your blog editor. It could be such a mysterious plug-in.

It can happen.

I know.

Let me tell you my tale.

It took me some fiddling around with my WordPress site (I use Divi Theme for my lovely site, by the way) to realize that the problem wasn’t in the new text editor at all.

So let me tell you how to check and see if you can figure out what’s causing your issue (and what you can do to fix it).

The Problem is likely in your Plug-Ins.

Did you get that wonderful little blank screen when you went to write a blog post, that said “This Editor has encountered and Error” and you had 3 choices:

Attempt Recovery

Copy Post Text

Copy Error

Not much in the way of choices.

But here’s a way to see if you can figure out what’s going on inside your website, and find out what’s causing the error.

Go for Copy Error.

It’ll copy the error code onto your clipboard. Go paste this lovely, unimaginative document into a text document, so you can look at it. (Ctrl + V or Right-Click > Paste)

With any luck, you’ll see what plug-in is causing the problem. In my case, it was my MailerLite plug-in that I use for newsletter signups. Most likely, since Gutenberg had updated, as did my theme, but MailerLite hadn’t updated yet to work with the adjustments in the code.

I turned off my MailerLite plug-in, and it worked. That was yesterday. Today, I checked, and sure enough, the plug-in had an update. Now everything is peachy-keen.

(Obviously because I’m writing this blog post)

Until something else updates. But kids, trust me when I say, update your plug-ins on a regular basis. It helps with little glitches like this.

That’s your technology education for the day.

Oh, and remember. Back up your Files.

Like often.

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