It is, if you read on Kindle or Google Play.

Yeah, talk about cryptic headings. But the truth is in the liner. As of this writing, the only two vendors that have Vampires Don’t Babysit live are Amazon and Google Play.

There are reasons, of course. A lot of it having to do with me having some difficulties. Now, none of these difficulties have anything to do with any of the vendors, or anything they did, or their policies.

(I’m not one to bitch about the “big retail giant who’s ruining life for all of us” or any of that. Seriously, I think a lot of that is pretty dumb, and that many times, it winds up being human error that causes more of the problems than anything. But that’s just me… And a whole other subject. However, that does sort of prove my point about not putting all your eggs in one basket. Another subject I’m hoping to touch more on at a later date.)

When will it be live everywhere?

Well, by Monday, March 25th. Sometime that day, the rest of the vendors — Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Apple — will have it up.

I’m pretty sure it’ll be up after midnight from those vendors, if you’re keeping away from Amazon or Google Play.

Here’s a little more about Vampires Don’t Babysit:

Surviving should have been enough. It wasn’t.

Jake Reynolds and his fellow vampires survived the slaughter of their master, Melios, at the hands of the Immortal Knights Templar.

Call it luck. Call it fate. Call it whatever the hell you want.

Jake just knows that he should have been dead—another pile of sooty ash on the ground. Now he must find his place in the mythical world—vampires aren’t all that’s out there.

Even his doctor is a super-hot werewolf. He’s not even sure if he should find her sexy, but he does. And he wants to see if wolves and vamps are compatible.

In all the ways.

But the world’s a chaotic mess, and he’s been tasked to help fix it. Penance for previous crimes. They do what they’re told, and go where they have to, learning to live without being monsters among men. And kick ass, occasionally, in the name of Jackstone Foundation.

But when The Kid—Melios’s pet—needs help, Jake will not leave her out in the cold. She fed him too many times on the sly to leave her hanging now.

Mythicals are coming for her. And it’s up to Jake to keep her safe.

But what can one lone vampire do against an army and an ancient bloodline?

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