So Walmart’s got ebooks now.

They’ve partnered with Kobo, and now they carry Kobo’s line of books. Here’s a  little more info, direct from Walmart’s business website.

Not only are they doing ebooks, but they’re also offering audio books, as well as an audio subscription service, the ability to buy digital cards in store, so you can download that new bestseller whenever you want.

This one in particular, I’m a little salty over. Probably because the bestsellers that are listed are celebrity books, like Chip Gaine’s book, or Neil deGrasse-Tyson‘s latest about Astrophysics.

Maybe I want my book on a card in Walmart.

–Candice, writer who wants all the things.
Origin story of Meme

Okay, so maybe I’m not that mad about it. But it would be SO COOL to walk into Walmart, and there was my book cover, dangling on a pretty card on a display in Walmart. 🙂 

In all honesty, I am actually pretty excited about this change up. I know that Walmart’s been wanting to get into books for a while, and that they’d explored several options over the years until they found something that worked. 

I would love to see someone give Amazon a run for their money. Don’t get me wrong, I think that Amazon is great, but I have always been a “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” type of person. 

Do I have a few books in Amazon’s exclusive program, Kindle Unlimited? Yes, as a matter of fact, I do. My Guys and Godmothers series, as well as my Mythicals series are in KU, there for anyone with the subscription to read for free. Why did I put some and not all? That’s a blog post for another day. 

But for Kobo and Walmart? I think it might be a good thing. We shall see, all of us. 🙂 

And if you’re an avid Walmart fan, check out the Walmart Books app, you can download it for Android or Apple  

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